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Va Lites / Stafford Christmas Lights

Welcome, from Duane and the entire Brown Family at Stafford Christmas Lights!

The Animated light show is **NOW OPEN** as of December 3rd, 2013! Come on down! Directions and hours are here!
(5:30pm to 10 pm)

Important: We have a Facebook page for the Light Show Display! Please click here for more details and a timeline for events and news!

Please note that the show was delayed because my father, who helps immensely with the setup, suffered a broken ankle during the setup. Because of this, certain details (like some of the lights on the roof) are not up.

Highlights from 2013!

We collected 1,070 pounds of food for the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank for the 2012 season! We thank you, and more importantly, the needy and hungry thank you for your grateful assistance!

More here!

Previous highlights:

Some of the food collected as of Christmas Eve for 2011:

Many thanks for everyone who helped!

December 1st, 2011: Two new music pieces have been added!

Proud Winner of the Fredericksburg Free Lance Star Grand Holiday Displays Contest for 2010!

Proudly collecting food this year for the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank charity! In 2010, we collected in total, over 500 pounds worth of canned goods this season! Thank you very much!

All Videos of our show are now available here! Enjoy!

Directions and more information are available here and here !

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